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Save is greyed out

September 2, 2020

Some After Effects users have been wondering, why their “Save” option is grey in the “File” menu. As long as “Save” is greyed out, it cannot be selected.

After Effects – “Saveis greyed out

Does that mean I cannot save my AE project?

Do not worry! The fact that the “Save” option is grey does not mean that something is wrong with After Effects. Usually “Save” is greyed out, when you haven’t changed your project since your last save!

You can easily spot if your “Save” option is grey because you haven’t actually changed anything in your file, by looking at the filename in the upper left corner of After Effects:

AE – Save is greyed out because the project hasn’t been modified since the last save

If the filename doesn’t have an asterisk (*) behind it, your project is identical to the last saved version.

Once you change something in your AE project, the asterisk (*) behind your filename appears and “Save” is no longer grey.


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